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  • Q:I have allergies. Is there a specific brand of vacuum I should look for?

    Yes, machines such as Miele, Eletrolux and Riccar are excellent choices. These machines offer a dust free sealed system and a HEPA filter and therefore provide superior filtration. They also help to eliminate other problems that stem from pollen, dust and carpet mites.

  • Q:Bag or bagless which is better?

    When it comes to getting the best filtration and air flow from a vacuum a bag type works the best.

  • Q:I have a lot of pet hair in my home. Is there a special vacuum I should look for?

    Yes. Depending on the surface you are trying to clean, there are numerous choices that will address pet hair issues. A few that we suggest for you are Miele, Sebo, Eletrolux and Riccar. All of these brands have established proven effectiveness in suction power, filtration and durability.

  • Q:What kind of vacuum do you recommend if my home has hard wood Floors, carpet and tile? Is there one that would work on all three surfaces?

    There are a few vacuums that have been specifically designed to go between these three surfaces. Some vacuums now come with specially designed hardwood floor surface tools while others have a simple switch of a button turns off the carpet brush roller and adjusts for smooth floor finish. We recommend you look at Miele and Electrolux for some starter choices.

  • Q:How often should I change my belt?

    Much like the changing the oil in your car, a vacuum belt needs to be changed as well. A vacuum belt should really be changed about every 3-4 months. Over time the belt stretches, and can no longer turn the brush roll at the proper speed for maximum cleaning. One way to tell if you’ve waited too long, is if you hear a squeaking sound when you start up your vacuum. If you really waited a long time, you’ll even start to smell something burning. Its already been too long! Quick, change that belt!

  • Q:How often should I change my bag?

    You shouldn’t wait until your bag is full to change it. Depending on what you’re vacuuming up on a regular basis, how much you’re cleaning and what you’re cleaning with your vacuum, you should change your bag once a month. That being said, a bag SHOULD be changed BEFORE it’s full. A fresh bag and filter can help prolong the life of your vacuum. You will notice your vacuum not picking up as well as it once did and that will help give you an indication along with a slight squeeze of the bag.

  • Q:How often should I have my vacuum tuned up?

    A vacuum is like a car. You can’t run a car long without ever changing the oil or getting a tune-up. A vacuum should come in for a full tune up once every two years to keep it operating at peak performance. A FREE estimate is always provided to allow you to make an informed decision about your machine. If you’re ready to just trade in the old one and see the latest in vacuum technology, our trained sales associates can assist you in selecting the right product for your needs.

  • Q:Why is vacuuming important?

    - Carpet is one of the single largest investments in your home. A good vacuum prolongs the life of your carpet. - Vacuuming helps control the carpet & dust mite population. These extremely small bugs thrive on carpet fibers, dust particles and skin particles. - Vacuuming is important to help control repetitive pet dander and asthmatic reactions. - Periodic vacuuming can also improve your indoor air quality.

  • Q:What is HEPA filtration and why is it important

    HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. It is a filtering efficiency specification for filters developed by the Atomic Energy Commission during World War II to effectively remove radioactive dust from plant exhausts without redistribution. - High filtration efficiencies are very important to all of us especially if you suffer from dust related sensitivities.

  • Q:What's the difference between a HEPA filter and HEPA type filtration?

    - A HEPA filter must be capable of capturing 99.97% of all particles, in order to be certified as a HEPA filter. - A true HEPA filter is tested and marked with a certification number which gives the user assurance that the HEPA specification efficiency is actually being achieved by filter. - A HEPA type filter or paper bag uses similar construction or fibers to that used in a true HEPA filter. While being a significant improvement, it may not have a completely sealed filtration system so there is no guarantee that the stringent HEPA specification will be met. - A HEPA filter is only fully effective when used on a ‘sealed system’ vacuum. Riccor and Miele offer sealed system HEPA filter vacuums.

  • Q:Do higher amp machines clean better?

    Not necessarily. Amps are a measurement of the amount of electricity consumed by the appliance. The cleaning ability is based on how much air flow the machine produces. A larger more efficient fan can produce more airflow using less amps.

  • Q:Can I buy replacement parts, bags, belts and other accessories without coming into the store?

    You sure can! Give us a call (858) 486-3303

  • Q:Should I buy a canister or upright vacuum?

    A canister vacuum is most efficient on hard floor surfaces. An upright excels at cleaning carpeting. However, there are power head attachments available for canister vacuums that give you the versatility of an upright and a canister all in one. Several uprights are available with attachments to take care of your other cleaning needs.

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